Message for Foreign Suppliers


Hoandoro Kikaku is based in Yokohama, Japan, and is a company that is specialized in road safety products.

Our comprehensive business areas include selling and installing road safety products. It is our mission to find excellent products from around the world and introduce them to the Japanese market.

As we have profound knowledge on Japanese roads and required specifications, we can promote foreign products effectively in Japan. In the past, we have made adjustments to foreign products to make them more suitable for the Japanese market, which turned out to be successfull.

At the same time, however, originality is very important for us.
Therefore, we are not interested in products that have already been introduced to Japan, no matter how excellent in quality they might be.

We are looking to be the first and the only one to introduce them, and we are always looking for something that we can take pride and responsibility in distributing them.

Please introduce your products to us. We hope to grow with you and your products.

Kentaro Mori, President of Hoandoro Kikaku