◆ Posts Flex

Posts Flex is a next generation delineator, which was developed to achieve the highest cost effectiveness, and it’s characterized by “low cost,” “improved resilience” and “easy maintenance that posts can be replaced without having to change bases.”

Standard Model Flush Mount Base Model Small Base Model

Standard Model

This is the standard model that can be used for wide varieties of applications. This is also characterized by the highest cost effectiveness among all the models.

Flush Mount Base Model

With the base hidden beneath the road surface, only posts are showing above the road surface. When posts are removed from the base, the road surface is bump free.

Small Base Model

With the base which is 14cm in diameter, this model can be installed without taking up too much space. This model is useful for sites where there is limited space available, such as on curbs or lines.

◆ Signs

It is our passion to produce products that meet public needs, such as pedestrian guidance signs, maps and fences.

Signs Signs Signs

Hanging ceiling signs give pedestrians directions.

Maps are designed with the concept of “easy to follow for everyone,” having multiple languages and also in braille letters.

Fences are designed with safety in mind so that pedestrians can walk comfortably and safely.

◆ Road Safety Products

IWe sell, rent and produce safety maintenance products for construction sites, factories, special events and stores.

Road Safety Products Road Safety Products

We sell and rent safety maintenance products for construction sites, factories and other sites. We also offer customized signs that meet our individual customers’ needs.

We offer products for wide varieties of applications, including special events, TV, movie, commercial and other film shooting.

◆ Original Products

We offer unique and original products.

Original Products Original Products

With superior resilience, safety and visibility (The reflective sheet used for this model is a high luminosity sheet manufactured by 3M.), Revo Cone was designed to ensure the maximum safety under the concept of “eco-friendliness and user-friendliness.”

Pack Cone is telescopic traffic cone with LED that is easy to install and can be put away without taking up too much space.

◆ Installation of Safety Facilities

Installation of Safety Facilities Installation of Safety Facilities Installation of Safety Facilities

We install lines for roads and parking lots, fences and bollards to ensure safe environment for pedestrians, textured paving blocks for the visually-impaired and other safety facilities.